Step 1: Make sure your battery is fully charged.

If not, unscrew your battery clockwise and plug it in using the charger included with your GoJoe. 
It should take about 45 minutes to fully charge.

Step 2: Unscrew the lid on your GoJoe and insert your coffee pod into the stainless steel tray. 

You can use the arm attatched to the tray to push the pod down.

Step 3: Pour room temperature water into the mug.

Make sure not to overfill, we recommend filling to the lip in the tray. 

Step 4: Press the button to begin the brewing process.

Press once for:
Blue: 140° (2 brews per battery charge)

Within three seconds, press again for:

Red: 155° (1 brew per battery charge)

Now just wait until the light on your GoJoe turns off and you're ready to enjoy your brew! 

You can leave the coffee pod in for a stronger taste or take it out and add sugar/cream. Whatever floats your boat!

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