What's included with the mug?

Each mug comes with 1 rechargeable battery and 1 charger and a 1 month supply of Hey Joe Coffee.

How many pods are in a 30 day supply?
There are 32 pods in a 30 day supply. Enough for 1 cup of coffee every day for 32 days.

How many brews can I get per charge?

Currently you can get 1 brew per charge. We are working on improvements but are currently limited by battery technology. However, we did design the GoJoe so that you can charge while you drink or you can also purchase an additional battery so that you're never without a charge!

How much water does the GoJoe hold?

The GoJoe holds 10oz of water, equal to about 1.25 cups.

Can I get the specs of the GoJoe?
Sure thing!
- Height 9.5'' with battery attached or 6.75'' With battery detached
- Weight: 1.7lbs with battery, .75lbs with battery detached
- Fits in all standard cup holders
- 2 temperature settings, 150F and 160F
- Time to brew: 4-8 minutes. Time to brew varies based on multitude of factors. From the temperature of the water you star with to the altitude of where you're brewing many things can change how long it takes, but generally it won't be finished before 4 minutes and won't take longer than 8 minutes.
- Holds 10 fluid oz
- appx: 45 minutes to recharge

Are your HeyJoeCoffee pods required to use the mug?
At the moment yes, though we are working on a way for existing GoJoe mugs to enjoy your own blend. That being said, we highly recommend using Hey Joe Coffee. We've taste tested them countless times to ensure the highest quality brew is achieved every time.

I like this, what do I need to do?
We are glad that you are enjoying your GoJoe mug and coffee. To continue to receive a box of coffee at your home each month, you don't have to do anything. Your subscription will continue each month at the rate of $19.99 + shipping unless you ask us to stop.

Can I cancel my coffee subscription?

Sure thing. You can chat directly with our support team or submit a ticket here with your account information.

Got more questions? Feel free to reach out to customer support with live chat.